Sunday, April 9, 2023

Abbey of the Arts: Easter Blessings

I have been following Abbey of the Arts for many years.  Today she sent out Easter Blessings which included some information written by Howard Thurman who she has explores his wisdom over many years.  Below is an excerpt from her Easter Blessings email and a link to her email and her web site

One night in 1910, Howard Thurman’s mother woke him up and coaxed him outside. She wanted him to catch a glimpse of Halley’s Comet, which is only visible from earth about every seventy-five years. Thurman’s father had died a few years earlier. Looking up at the comet blazing against the Florida sky that night, young Howard asked his mother what would happen if the comet fell to earth. She looked at Howard with great serenity. He need not worry, his mother told him, because God would take care of them. 

To read more of her Easter Blessings email 

If you want to know more about her, here is a link to Abbey of the Arts website.

Here's wishing you and yours abundant blessings and a happy, healthy and joyful Easter and year.

See you down the road,

Cathy Oberkampf

Friday, March 31, 2023

Collages everywhere

One of my new classes for 2023 is The Power of Collage.  I'll be teaching that class at Unity NB an maybe in Logan at USU.  Also, agreed to lead a Vision Board gathering in February for our women's group at church.

I do like collecting and sharing great pictures from magazines.  I've been collaging for over 30 years in some form or another.  The most fun I've had is doing this with a group of people.  Especially when you meet regularly.  Most of the time you'll begin to know each others conversations including the good, bad and the ugly that you will begin to see a picture that is not for you but know it is right for another person in the group.  Powerful pictures and collages.

We all say, "that a picture is worth a thousand words" but doing collage helps you get in tune with both your creative and spiritual self.  I follow a group called Soul Collage on the internet who have taken reading and writing about collages to another level.  Below is a link to their website.  There are lots of free resources available and some you have to pay for as well.  The Community link is where you can share with others and take online training some of which are free.

     Soul Collage Official Site

     Soul Collage Community

Enjoy your journey in to collage and see what opens up for you.  This is especially true for people like me who are prone to use their left brain more.

See you down the road.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

About Unity including a few resources

When I moved back to Texas and my hometown in 2012, I was surprised to find a Unity Church in town. I went for the first time in early 2013 and found myself a new home.  Sometime that year I started down the path to become a Licensed Unity Teacher.  As in all journeys, there were ups and downs but I was always sure I had found a new church home.  I became licensed in 2016 and continue to teach classes and have a leadership position in my Unity church and beyond.

Here are a few resources that I thought could give you an introduction to Unity principles.

     Unity Five Principles Poster

     Unity Five Principles for Youth

     Unity Five Principles for Spiritual Living Booklet

     Unity NB Statement of Faith

May you find your own way and truth along your personal journey that supports who you are and who you want to be and become.

See you down the road,

Cathy Oberkampf

New Website and Amazon Affiliate Store

Since last Fall, I've been working on a new website, updating my Blog and becoming an Amazon Affiliate.  Here are some links, if you are interested.  I have some items in my Amazon store on my website but have realized it will always be a work-in-progress.  If you use the link below when you go to Amazon to make any purchase, I will get credit for your purchase(s) at no cost to you.  I will not know what you are purchasing and it is a GREAT way for you to support my Amazon store by using this link when you go to Amazon to purchase anything.  Thanks for your support!

Website link:

This is a link to this blog in case you want to bookmark it.

Thanks to anyone who chooses to use my Amazon Store link above.  Small things make a difference.  Again, thanks for your support.

Cathy Oberkampf

Monday, February 20, 2023

Love Your Enemies and Braver Angels

Last year I was introduced to Braver Angels by attending an Introduction and their Depolarizing Within Workshop which was fantastic for looking at your own part in the depolarization of American politics.  At that time, I told a few people that I was going to become a Braver Angels Ambassador and started down that road by taking a few online workshops that are required to become an Ambassador. 

For the most part, I sit on the sidelines and watch the political divide go by.  Often, wondering how people could think and feel that their point of view is more valid  or "right" then other people's point of view.  They feel it is their obligation and right to tell the other side how wrong they are.  I believe our nation was built on "Freedom" to believe what we want and let other people believe what they want and there is no need to make the other side wrong for what they believe.

The journey for me to become a Braver Angels Ambassador has not been a fast one mostly because of my fear of confrontation of any kind.  I have always been a master at avoiding confrontation.  I copied the shorter article below which is from the comments on a YouTube video linked below from He Gets Us and Jesus offering a different alternative.

"We see conflict all around us. We align ourselves on different sides of the fight in battles of politics, religion, justice, and too often, we let that conflict morph from a dignified defense of something good into a dehumanizing attack on the people we don’t agree with. It’s tearing us apart. 

But Jesus offered us an alternative as an example — and his solution wasn’t to grow apathetic and avoid the conflict altogether. He showed us something else entirely, a third way. His response to the ever-increasing volume of hate and conflict was love. Not just any love — confounding, sacrificial, selfless love. You see, Jesus still stood up for what he believed in. He defended the defenseless, spoke up on behalf of the voiceless, even flipped a few tables, but in everything he did, he first moved with love toward the people he disagreed with. What if we tried to love our enemies the way Jesus loved his? How would it change the tenor of our conflicts and our conversations?"

Love Your Enemies 1 minute YouTube video with great pictures

Of course, the line that stuck out for me is:

"...his solution wasn’t to grow apathetic and avoid the conflict altogether..."

The above was a link in a longer article from John Woods, Jr. a Braver Angels National Ambassador which is linked below about a recent controversial Super Bowl ad.  Here is a link to the longer article entitled:  

Can Jesus Cross the Divide?

I started back on my Braver Angels Ambassador training recently and now I know I am ready to take the final step to complete this process.  I also know I will learn and grow along the way and am especially grateful that one of my friends from my church is already a BA Ambassador and she and a few others Ambassadors in my county will help me find my way to serve and to find my voice.  As many of us do, I find my way by traveling the journey and being committed to whatever I choose to do.

I choose not to sit on the sidelines and judge others. I know I can and will make a difference in helping to depolarize our political divide in America.  I will play my part in achieving the Braver Angels mission.

"We are a national movement to bridge the partisan divide."  

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? What is yours to do?  

I declare and affirm:  I am a Braver Angels Ambassador making a difference in the world.

In peaceful, joyful partnership,

Catherine Oberkampf






Sunday, January 29, 2023

What in your spiritual toolbox?

The first lesson our new minister gave when we start at our church several years ago was about "What's in Your Spiritual Toolbox?"  He started off with a real toolbox and pulled many things out of this box and his talk/lesson continued.  I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Here is a link to  Spiritual Tools & Practices

There are many things here that I use and use frequently.  Some of my favorites are Forgiveness, Mediation, A Happy Playlist, Self Care and Self Reflection and last but not least Gratitude.  

I've been working on my spiritual toolbox, especially electronic resources quite bit in January.  The month somewhat got a way from me from the blogging perspective but here is my post.

See you down the road.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Preparing for Christmas & Gratitude

Christmas week is upon us.  As I begin the final preparations for visits with family and friends I came upon this article on

       The Greatest Christmas Gif

A story of one woman's faith and healing.   As she says, "the gift of faith restored and awareness of the Christ within reborn."

In some ways it has been a GREAT year and in others not so good.  I learned to lean on my Unity community here in my hometown even more.  As I said in a gratitude video earlier this year when I had just found out a may owe a lot of money to the IRS for something that happened over 10 years ago when my late husband and I were in business together,  my Unity community holds me accountable for being who I say I am.  

Whatever happens in my life, I am always aware that I cannot wallow about in self-pity, anger or anything else.  If I need someone to help me let go of anything, I have lots of people I can go to for coaching and guidance.  Usually, I'm able to just let things go on my own and fairly quickly but it is nice to know that there are people who can help should I need a little extra help.

I am extremely grateful for many, many things in my life including my family and my Unity community.  May you have and/or find people in your life who can hold you up in the good times and the not so good times.

Abundant blessings, peace, joy and good health to you and yours now and always.

In joyful partnership,

Cathy Oberkampf